Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    2. EMR Research and Quality Intro

    3. EMR Research Definition and Design

    4. EMR Research Methodologies

    5. EMR Quality and GAMUT Metrics

    1. EMR Culture of Safety (Part One)

    2. EMR Culture of Safety (Part Two)

    3. EMR Culture of Safety (Part Three)

    4. EMR Culture of Safety Quiz

    1. EMR When to Call and Aircraft

    2. EMR Air Medical Utilization Quiz

    3. EMR Field Triage

    4. EMR Field Triage Quiz

    5. EMR Wellness & Safety

    6. EMR Documentation

    7. EMR Documentation Quiz

    8. EMR Evidence Based Practice

    9. EMR Evidence Based Practice Quiz

    10. EMR Wellness Quiz

    1. EMR Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) (Part One)

    2. EMR Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) (Part Two)

    3. EMR EVOC Quiz

    1. EMR Haz-Mat (Part One)

    2. EMR Haz-Mat (Part Two)

    3. EMR Hazardous Materials Quiz

    1. EMR Effective Communication (Part One)

    2. EMR Effective Communication (Part Two)

    3. EMR Effective Communications Quiz

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  • Included with EMS Review

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