Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Paramedic Shock Intro

    3. Paramedic What is Shock?

    4. Paramedic Types of Shock

    1. Paramedic Behavior and Psychiatric Care (Part One)

    2. Paramedic Behavior and Psychiatric Care (Part Two)

    3. Paramedic Behavior and Psychiatric Care (Part Three)

    4. Paramedic Behavioral and Psychiatric Quiz

    1. Paramedic Episode 24: Seconds Matter

    2. Paramedic Podcast Quiz: Episode 24

    1. Paramedic Gastrointestinal

    2. Paramedic Gastrointestinal Quiz

    3. Paramedic Infectious Diseases

    4. EMR Infectious Diseases Quiz

    1. Paramedic Excited Delirium (Part One)

    2. Paramedic Excited Delirium (Part Two)

    3. Paramedic Excited Delirium (Part Three)

    4. Paramedic Excited Delirium (Part Four)

    5. Paramedic Excited Delirium (Part Five)

    6. Paramedic Excited Delirium Quiz

    1. Paramedic Fetal Development

    2. Paramedic OB/Neo Cardiac Conditions

    3. Paramedic Pediatric Emergencies Intro

    4. Paramedic Pediatric Diagnostics

    5. Paramedic Pediatric Pharmacology and Medication Administration

    6. Paramedic Pediatric Fluid/Electrolyte Replacement

    7. Paramedic Pediatric Metabolic Emergencies

    8. Paramedic Pediatric Special Needs

    9. Paramedic Pediatric Infectious Diseases

    10. Paramedic Pediatric Airway Disease

    11. Paramedic Pediatric Shock

    12. Paramedic Pediatric Seizures

    13. Paramedic Pediatric Trauma

    14. Paramedic Pediatric Child Abuse and Neglect

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