EMS Review Demo Course

For EMRs, EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics

    1. Welcome to Air Methods Ascend

    2. EMS Review Bundle Overview

    1. EMT / AEMT / Paramedic Level ETCO2

    1. AEMT / Paramedic Level Stroke

    2. AEMT / Paramedic Level Intraosseous Infusion (IO) Access

    3. Interested in Ascend?

    1. EMT / AEMT / Paramedic Level Hemorrhage (Part One)

    2. EMR / EMT / AEMT / Paramedic Level Burn Overview

    1. EMT / AEMT / Paramedic Level Child Abuse and Neglect

    2. Interested in Ascend?

    1. EMR / EMT / AEMT / Paramedic Level Effective Communication (Part One)

About this course

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AMPED Podcasts

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Tune into the AMPED Podcast on any podcast streaming service including here on the Ascend platform. After you finish the episode login and take a brief quiz about the episode to claim continuing education credit. The AMPED podcast covers a variety of critical care topics. Free access to podcast CEs is included with the Critical Care Review Bundle

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