Course curriculum

    1. EMT Neurological Anatomy and Physiology Intro

    2. EMT The Brain

    3. EMT Neurological Assessment and Stroke Scales Intro

    4. EMT Neurological Assessment

    5. EMT Stroke Scales

    6. EMT Neurological Emergencies Intro

    7. EMT Seizures

    8. EMT Altered Mental Status

    9. EMT Cerebral Ischemia

    10. EMT Cerebral Hemorrhage

    11. EMT Neuroprotective Strategies

    12. EMT Traumatic Brain Injury

    13. EMT Spinal Cord Injuries

    14. EMT Stroke

    15. EMT Stroke Quiz

    1. EMT Episode 16: Stroke a Cord

    2. EMT Podcast Quiz: Episode 16

    1. EMT Introduction to Cardiac Physiology

    2. EMT Anatomy and Physiology

    3. EMT Blood Flow through the Heart

    4. EMT Coronary Arteries and Areas of Perfusion

    5. EMT Cardiac Emergencies Intro

    6. EMT Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)

    7. EMT Cardiogenic Shock

    8. EMT Cardiac Infections

    9. EMT Hypertensive Crisis

    10. EMT Ventricular Assist Devices (Implanted)

    11. EMT VAD Quiz

    12. EMT Neonate Respiratory Distress Syndromes

    1. EMT Episode 4: The ol' bait and switch.

    2. EMT Podcast Quiz Episode 4

    1. EMT Electrocardiography Intro

    2. EMT EKG Basics (Part One)

    3. EMT EKG Basics (Part Two)

    4. EMT EKG Basics (Part Three)

    5. EMT 12-Lead ECG

    6. EMT Arrhythmias: Sinus Rhythms

    7. EMT Arrhythmias: Atrial Rhythms

    8. EMT Arrhythmias: Junctional Rhythms

    9. EMT Arrhythmias: Ventricular Rhythms

    10. EMT Atrioventricular (AV) Conduction Blocks

    11. EMT Acute Coronary Syndrome

    12. EMT Bundle Branch Blocks

    13. EMT EKG Quiz

    1. EMT Episode 17: Methadon't Do That

    2. EMT Podcast Quiz: Episode 17

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