Course curriculum

    1. AEMT Airway Review Intro

    2. AEMT Airway anatomy/physiology

    3. AEMT Airway Assessment

    4. AEMT Pediatric Airway Management

    5. AEMT Gas Exchange

    6. AEMT Krebs Cycle

    7. AEMT Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve

    8. AEMT Airway Pharmacology Intro

    9. AEMT General Pharmacology

    10. AEMT Respiratory Medication

    11. AEMT Airway Management Pharmacology

    12. AEMT ETCO2

    13. AEMT ETCO2 Quiz

    1. AEMT - Episode 8: No Mistakes, Just Opportunities.

    2. AEMT Podcast Quiz: Episode 8

    1. AEMT Airway Managment Review

    2. RSI Checklist Download

    1. AEMT Episode 13: Back to Basics: Learning on Our Training

    2. AEMT Podcast Quiz: Episode 13

    1. AEMT Surgical Interventions Intro

    2. AEMT Needle Cricothyrotomy (Cric)

    3. AEMT Surgical Cricothyrotomy (Cric)

    4. AEMT Surgical Cric Quiz

    5. AEMT Needle Decompression

    6. AEMT Chest Tube (Surgical Thoracostomy)

    7. AEMT Escharotomy

    8. AEMT Pericardiocentesis

    9. AEMT Intraosseous Infusion (IO) Access

    1. AEMT Mechanical Ventilation Intro

    2. AEMT Mechanical Ventilation in Acidosis

    3. AEMT Mechanical Ventilation in Pregnancy

    4. AEMT Mechanical Ventilation in Pediatrics

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  • 33 lessons
  • Included with EMS Review

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