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Building on the conclusion of Episode 29, the AMPED team sticks with the patients and works to figure out why our patient has not delivered her placenta, why she's bleeding, and how to ensure both she and her baby thrive in the crucial time after childbirth. If you're unfamiliar with postpartum care, ask yourself these questions: What do you need to brush up on? What should you review? And what should be ready for when this situation arises?

    1. Episode 30 Two for One Special

    2. Podcast Quiz Episode 30

    1. EMS Review Bundle Overview

    2. Obstetrics: Post Partum Complications

    3. Fundal Massage Demonstration Video from Simulation Lab

    4. Tranexamic Acid (TXA) from Critical Care Review

    5. Critical Care Review Bundle Overview

    1. CE Certificate

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